Our Beginnings


When people take a look at our company they have two immediate questions that they never ask. One is "What does the HQ stand for?" While we do provide High Quality of service, the meaning started out very simply as the initials of our last names Hasik and Quaak. 

The other question is usually along the lines of "Was that martini shaken or stirred?" The martini glass is definitely suggestive of alcohol, but the symbolism of the shattered martini glass was founded in the physics of sound. Everyone knows that a wineglass can be shattered using sound at the right frequency. Because of their hollow shape, wine glasses resonate very well and break easily. However, the particular shape of a martini glass does not allow sound to resonate in the bowl of the glass. Thus the meaning of our shattered martini glass is 'Doing the impossible with class'. 

About Us

Joe Hasik Jr. (Owner/Operations and Logistics)


Joe has been part of HQ Production Audio Inc. since the very beginning. As our founder and visionaire he makes sure everything runs seamlessly with clients from beginning to end.

Joe graduated from Northern Michigan University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked freelance in audio engineering since his teens. He continued his freelance work, even as he held down a full time engineering job, until he could implement his dream of owning an event Production Company that will do the job right.

Jen Hasik (Owner/Administrator)



After many years working in many different industries, Jennifer was introduced to the event production industry by, her fianc√©, Joe Hasik Jr. She jumped right into the industry, starting her event exposure by running the lighting cues for Northern Michigan University Dance Team's Spring Performance. 

She graduated from NMU with a Degree in Biochemistry, but has pursued the formation and success of HQ Production Audio. She handles our administration duties and also keeps tabs on her now husband, Joe Hasik Jr. - who from time to time goes shopping without her!